Men’s Fashion Trends

At some point, we’ve all been victims of the impulse buy. Online shopping has made it easy to drunkenly order clothes you’d normally be nervous to even try on, but that also means any man can take a swift step into fashion worlds new, without risking the judging eyes of high fashion’s boutique bitches.

So pour yourself a second glass of chablis and fire up your concept store of choice, as we lead you through the season’s most challenging menswear trends.

Ditch The Skinnies For A Wider Leg

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Fashion Trends for Spring 2015

Consumers turn to Google Search in the moments that matter when it comes to fashion, giving us a glimpse into the latest up-and-coming trends for spring. By looking at search demand patterns, geographic data, and co-search behavior, we can see what trends are top of mind this season.

Spring fashion season is upon us. As the snow melts and the temperatures start to rise, we’re swapping out our winter coats and earmuffs for cardigans and light scarves. In addition to pulling out our old favorites, we’re looking to find the latest trends for the style season ahead. Naturally, people are turning to Google Search in the moments that matter when it comes to their wardrobe this spring. Here we look at Google Search data to identify and curate the up-and-coming fashion trends for the spring season.

By categorizing past apparel-related queries based on similar search-demand patterns, we were able to distinguish between the trends to watch and the trends to forget. And by looking at geographic data along with co-search behavior (such as words and phrases being searched alongside a particular fashion), we can get consumer insights into fashions that will be hot this season. Below are three up-and-coming fashion trends for spring 2015.

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Jewelry Style

The perfect sense of style is not something that everyone is born with. It comes up naturally and is developed by paying attention to the current fashion trends where you can find something that suits your looks, personality and lifestyles.

Creating your own style is not a piece of cake. It’s sheer hard work. Unless you have your make-up, clothes and hair-style all decided and in hand its not possible. But the award for realizing that you look and feel great is worth of all the efforts.

Not everyone is perfect. And no one can control what Nature has given to us. But everybody can make the best over them by learning to be beautiful and expressing the unique individuality that is within.

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Getting Comfortable in Your Skin – The Road to a Happy, Healthy Body

There’s a new show on Lifetime called “How To Look Good Naked”. In this show, hosted by the ‘Fab Five’ Carson Kressley, women are asked to strip down and stand in front of the mirror to have a look at themselves. Carson then begins the week long process of getting these women to be truly comfortable in their skin. I am not a fan of reality shows, but I must say, this one did catch my attention. For one, anything that helps women get over their desire to be something other than who they are is a fabulous thing. For another thing, I love that it’s a show that really does encourage women to ignore the anorexic-looking fashion models and come to happy terms with the beautiful bodies they were given. All good stuff!

As a long-time personal trainer (some years back), I’ve seen my share of women trying to be a size 5 when their bones were a size 10. One of the greatest challenges I used to have with these women was the fact that I am, by blessed genetics, a small woman who’s never had to diet a day in my life. I can eat what I want (which, by the way, is quite healthy) and never gain an ounce. So, when meeting women clients for the first time, they’d take one look at me and say “How could you possibly know how it feels to be fat?” Or something of that nature. In short, it was a battle from onset, getting them to understand that I was on their side and that I COULD help them. What most of them didn’t realize at first was that my mission, if we were to name it, was to get them NOT into a size 5, but rather to get them healthy, strong and happy with what God gave them. In other words, I wasn’t there to ‘resize’ them, I was there to encourage them to look at their bodies through new lenses and create a more healthy foundation on which to enjoy that body.

My success as a personal trainer was due, in large part, to my attitude toward these women. I made a point, with each woman I worked with, to constantly (and sincerely) compliment them every time we met for a session. I also made it a point NOT to criticize their ‘lapses’ but instead, encourage them to accept what they’d done and move on. I knew, instinctively, that the best thing I could do for them, especially in the beginning, was to get them to stop being so critical of themselves and learn some compassion.

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