A great store selling handmade products and cool birthday gifts

When was the last time you played with a bouncey disk? It may have been a long time ago and that is actually why I've decided to write this mini post. I want you to know that there is a store, called Etsy, where you can find the best bouncey disks on the market. What's the best thing about them? They can be customized with the name of your choice!

What this means is that Etsy's bouncey disks would be the perfect birthday gift. Hence, if you have a friend who means a lot to you and you want to get them something special, you should actually consider getting a bouncey disk, as it's a toy that everyone can appreciate, no matter how old they are. Of course, since I mentioned that the disk can be customized with a name, you will also make sure that the guys from Etsy write the name of your friend. I don't know about you, but that would definitely make me feel special.

One last thing I'd like to mention about Etsy is that it's a store selling entire handmade collections. That is why you should check the website on a regular basis. That's the best way for you to come across cool birthday gifts and all kinds of other products. As for me, I am placing at least one order per month and so far, I have not been disappointed. In fact, I think Etsy is one of the best stores in the country!

stars should wear on the Golden Globes red carpet

Ahead of the more sartorially serious Oscar Red Carpet, the Golden Globes gives actresses the chance to dip their toes in high fashion water. Here is what we would like to see them dripping in come Monday.

Ahead of the more sartorially serious Oscar Red Carpet, the Golden Globes gives actresses the chance to dip their toes in high fashion water. Here is what we would like to see them dripping in come Monday.

Julianne Moore in Lanvin

Sleek, sexy and dark is Julianne’s signature red-carpet style. This dress needs little more than a strong piece of statement jewellery, slick hair, strong lip, good posture and a ton of confidence. Bold glamour and perfection plus.

Golden Globes red carpet: What the stars should wear

Elizabeth Clarke looks at past red carpet outfits, and picks gowns she thinks the stars should wear.

Rosamund Pike in Reem Acra 


Rosamund’s style teeters on the prim side, so this dreamy blush concoction with dancing shoulder detail is just right. The red shoes add a hit of much-needed sassiness, and a red lip would be our pout-of-choice.

Reese Witherspoon in Caroline Herrera

Inspired by Reese’s greatest fashion moment ever – her 2007 Globes canary yellow cocktail dress by Nina Ricci. Her red carpet forays since have been fashionably underwhelming; until now. This heavy silk gown with a touch of the Jackie Kennedys, will shoot her right to the top of the best-dressed list again. Plus, how many women can say they look good in yellow?

Meryl Streep in Chanel

Meryl would be the first to say she isn’t a fashion girl, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t wear Chanel. This dress is fit for Queen of the Silver Screen and ticks all the necessary boxes. Unfussy, good shoulder line, long sleeves, fluid fit and floor length to-boot. Tick Tick Tick. Perfectly glamorous yet understated. Just like Meryl.

Keira Knightley in Giorgio Armani

Sylphlike Keira has a baby bump to accommodate this year. This softly swathed Armani gives good maternity-chic and suits Keira’s aesthetic to-a-T.

Helen Mirren in Elie Saab

I don’t want to see Helen in shoulder pads and a cowl neckline this year; this elegant white-lace pantsuit would do the same job, but is sexier. Its wide lace neckline broadens shoulders and frames the face, whilst the flat-fronted trousers give good hipline.

Emma Stone in Erdem

Redheads always look startlingly chic in dark green. Throw in Emma’s alabaster skin, a smoky eye and nude lip, and you have a new fashion maven on-the-make.

Robin Wright in Zac Posen

Only a strict, precise and polished silhouette will do, and as the First Lady of television, it seems only right that Robin wear a Power Suit. The definition of extreme chic.

Lena Dunham in Vivienne Westwood

Trying hard to forget last year’s yellow fishtail number, and instead dreaming of Lena in something black, modern and a little tongue-in-cheek. Dame Vivienne’s black midi-length frock is super-fun and celebrates curves. Simply team with a dainty shoe and fantastic earrings, and Lena is instant style bait.

Jennifer Aniston in Zac Posen

Jennifer loves simplycut gowns and usually opts for black, black or black. Oh to see her in some colour! This fabulous shade of red is made for Jennifer and would offset her tanned skin perfectly, while the curved neckline would showcase her strong shoulders and athletic arms. Winner!

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